Lifesaver for your first aid kit

by Bob
(Buffalo New York)

I am a fanatic deer hunter spending every minute possible in the field. I have come across a lifesaving product that every outdoorsman should have. It is called CELOX and stops bleeding from any kind of injury.

My friend introduced me to the product after he sliced his arm field dressing an elk. The wound required 32 stitches and the doctor said he would have bled to death if the artery bleeding was not stopped. He was 5 miles into the woods.

I now carry it with me.

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heard about this
by: wilderer

I have heard about this. My father always carries this with him when he go for hunting. I think the cost of the mini first aid packet of celox is about $19. One day when I got injured this was applied. It is a good choice for injuries.

Something else for your First Aid Kit...!!
by: Bob Hansen

The comment about Celox is a good one. I always keep a trauma kit in my addition to my other first aid items.

My present trauma kits contain QuikClot, which also promotes blood clotting. These kits also contain bloodstopper other items for larger wounds. Why? Well, as previously mentioned, ANYONE can be seriously injured with their knives when gutting big game, skinning game or cleaning fish. Also, and unfortunately, there are people out there...who call themselves "hunters" who are known to shoot at anything that moves.

These Trauma Kits are easily found on the 'net, and by sporting goods outfits like Cabelas, for example.

Another great product too !!!!!!
by: Todd Owen

many people know that SUPER GLUE bonds to just about anything, it also does very well on SKIN too.Now i am not saying if you cut your hand half off a few drops of this will help, but for those minor little nicks on the finger tips that seem to bleed forever, this will help stop the blood. Also many hospitals are starting to use the same type of Medical Glue for the same type of injuries.... The product you mentioned is a very good one and I would recommend to EVERYONE...

Excellent recommendation!
by: Dustin Tarditi

Info about it:

See it in action: (not for the squeamish!)

FYI - I also recommend a product called "second skin" - very useful for dermal trauma first aid.

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