Light a Fire in the Rain or Snow

Find a tree, preferably, an evergreen. Look on the trunk, or large branches. Find a sap bulk (called pitch). On evergreen trees, pitch can usually be found where sap builds up on one area.
Chip it from the tree. This and the bark around it are extremely flammable. It will burn hot for some time.

Find dry wood (rain or snow) in close to tree trunks (this receives the least moisture). Keep some 'pitch (dry sap and bark) with you in your survival pack.

This is the best technique to light a fire; keep a lighter with it in your emergency survival gear. A bic lighter is the best lighter to have.

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Pencil sharperner
by: Bill

One small, cheap item that should be in everyone's survival kit is a pencil sharperner. They are excellent for making shavings, and very easy to use, especially if your hands are cold.

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