Lighting Up the Night

by Todd Owen
(Denver - Colorado )

I see on so many sites these days were everyone speaks of lighting by the fire pit yet no mention of lighting your tents or any other area at night that the fire light may not reach. Here's a couple of tricks for you that will help you and your party out on those outings.

1 )
I always wear a head lamp on any camp trip or even if I am only planning a short hike for the day I always carry one in my pack and one as a back up. I found a long time ago if you carry a jug of water or any type of NALGENE style water bottle that you can wrap the head lamp around it and place the light directly against the bottle and you will have a very nice low energy "lamp ". The more clear the bottle the brighter the light will illuminate.

2 )
I also love Glow Stix , these things are super cheap to get. If I am in a group and we have a designated area for our restroom I always put one next to the area we are to use so if late at night you need to find the area you can look for the glowing area and find your way to it. I like to use the green ones on the trees, they seem to cover a good area.

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Also the glow stix are a really great way to keep up w your children at night, they usually come with a string so you can let them wear them as a necklace, they love them and this way they too feel like they are apart of the trip and all grown up too. We have even tied one onto the dogs a couple times just so we know they are near us. Here in the Rocky Mountains we have a large bear, Bobcat and Coyote population, so its better to be safe.

Happy Survival to you all

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Great post :)
by: Winyan Staz

Thanks for the great tips.
I also like to take my garden solar lights along.
a solar light can light up bad bumps people have to navagate, paths to the outhouse...and also will light up a clear water bottle very nicely.
I put a few rocks in the bottom of my water bottle to keep it a bit more steady.
I also take them into my tent or van at night.
Nice soft lights...and they take no batteries. Just stick them back outside the next day.
Main trouble is when you want to turn the light out...gotta cover them up good :)..
I also found a 6 foot string of lights that run on solar. They need a AA battery..but they look and work great hanging up inside the mess tent or the way outside.
I find it also discourages wild life from prowling around too much to have a few lights on...

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