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Make your own blade
by: Old Sailor

I have spent many days and nights in the woods, mountains and plains. My passion as a young man was hunting and fishing. Your comments were very common sense and well-grounded. Any novice would do well to read and learn from them. I have made my own knives over the years and they have ranged from outdoor, skinning and survival as well as kitchen knives. You're right on the mark when you say that you have more confidence in a knife that you made yourself, to fit your needs. If I was going to add anything to your comments it would be to NEVER bite off more than you can chew, when it comes to the wilderness. Try to learn from an experienced person or just take it slow on your own. The beauty and wonder of the outdoors can be awesome, but there are many, many dangers also! Always enjoy yourself, and come home safely.

by: Shaykh Idris

Funny thing about the need for a knife: it's all in your head: we managed to get by with split rocks far longer than your metal blade became the must-have accessory: THINK: what would you do without one?

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