Messenger bag survival kit

by Ted

A messenger bag is practical and can easily accommodate all your belongings. Here is my recommended survival kit in a messenger bag:

Knife (Fallkniven F1) and sharpening stone (DC-4)
Shelter: folding saw (Silky Gomboy 210 large teeth), space blanket and balaclava for warmth; leather work gloves

Water: standard 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle, GSI stainless steel cup/pot, First Need XL water purifier, a cotton face towel to soak up dew in the morning

Fire: Swedish fire starter, cotton balls swabbed in Vaseline.

Cordage: 100' of paracord

Food: Make snares, deadfall traps; 25 size 6 fish hooks, 30' braided fishing line

Navigation: compass, 6x30 monocular

Signaling: whistle, small mirror

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Space blanket
by: Mrs.C

I don't use SBs for blankets, coats or sleeping bags. They are cold and noisy. Reflecting your own body heat is no good if your body is touching the SB -- there's no insulation in the SB.

I like SBs best for back reflectors in brush shelters, solar cooking boxes, rain ponchos, tarp for cleaning game, tarp for changing baby, and signalling.

If you and your children are wearing SBs as 'signal ponchos' walking down a road -- BELIEVE ME -- everybody and his brother will stop to ask if you need help.

YES !!! Many jobs that an SB will do is done better by something else. The trouble is the price, the weight and the bulk for emergency gear when I am already weighed down by purse + contents, diaper bag + contents, stroller, infant, 3 other kids, plus snacks, lunch boxes, schoolbooks, groceries or laundry.

I'm not rich, I can't carry 80 pounds like a soldier, and I don't have a car. I think you boys need to get real.

Great Tips
by: Todd Owen

I see a lot of ppl.on here discouraging Space Blankets as part of any outdoor gear, truth be told yes I agree they do tear easily , however they have more uses than just a blacker. Catching water from rain or helping to melt snow, place it behind you while in front of a fire and it pushws the heat back on you as well. Use it for signaling help, there are lots of uses. Never treat any tip on here or that you find as nothing. There is no such thing as the wrong gear, only that gear in the wrong hands of someone who can't see beyond one use.

Negativity with regards to Advixe.
by: Todd Owen

Please do not misunderstand how this may come out.... I saw a reply comment.from a reader saying how this and that was wrong with what the poster stated. He also stated he often saw too many people giving advice that really knew very little. I have to say something here, I am by know means in the same.class as a trained military instructor, but being raised by my grandfather and taught ways of the land since I was about 8 and being involved now with several groups here in Colorado who deal with teaching survival. I think.I can say this much, there is no such thing as having the wrong gear especially when it comes to what one would pack in their own gear. I see all too often in the groups I am around all these so called.instructors who seem more concerned with there own story telling and stroking there egos than.really teaching people the true art of survival. I think instead of over correcting anyone , we need to explain why certain items or certain tips are not viable , otherwise your just talking down to someone....... For the record I have not served in the military but each year for two weeks I spend two grueling weeks in the mountains with the 10th special forces.mountain division , I have done this over 10 years now. I have the amazon, hiked Alaska in Winter for a month, and played in the deserts in Arizona for 3 months in Summer time. I am always open to any and all advice I find. Thank you for your time ............ Happy Survival to us all.

The good and bad
by: Tim Kneeland

Lots of what Ted suggests is good info, but some of it is wrong. It is unfortunate so much inaccurate survival information continues in print. If authors would try what they preach, they would soon discover their techniques are flawed.

Have you ever used a space blanket as a shelter? It will quickly tear and be destroyed. They don't provide adequate shelter to keep you warm, let alone dry. The concept of 85% reflective heat is a marketing concept, not a reality for a survivor. There are other shelter materials, like a contractor's bag, that provide much better protection in most situations; rain, wind, cold and even sun if they are black.

Do you really think lost and stranded people need to know how to trap animals, fish, or dig up plants for food? It is an extremely rare circumstance that anyone suffers, let alone dies, from lack of food. And a final thought, people who are lost should generally stay put and not try to travel. It is better to prepare for signaling rescue than to try to walk out of most situations, unless you know where you are and that you can make it back safely.

It is great to see people writing about survival, but most writers really have little experience identifying what is really necessary to sustain life and what people should really do when faced with emergencies. I have been a professional survival instructor most of my life, starting out as a USAF SERE Instructor. I still make my living teaching survival to aviators, USCG rescue swimmers, and charter aircraft pilots, and feel people who write about survival should have a clear understanding what it takes to survive. Thank you.

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