Military Poncho Liner-MY WOOGIE

by Todd Owen

I own the black one and a Camo one as well..

I own the black one and a Camo one as well..

When I was 15 ( now 38 ) my Uncle was gonna toss out this 'blanket'that he had used in the military years earlier while in Vietnam. I have to tell you this small little piece of material is STILL to this day all I sleep under in Winter or Summer in my bed.

If I am gone from my house for a planned trip of more than one night it's packed with me, hiking trips its there and camping trips into the mountains its there. Its both my children, it's one of my most priced items.

Oddly enough it's an actual Military Poncho Liner. It a very soft and silky cool feeling outside layer and a very small thin liner of synthetic on the inside. I used it as a top layer, a bottom layer. I used it as a lean to ( it has strings on the corners and is very well made seeing as how its over 40 years old now.

Encourage anyone to go to a REAL MILITARY STORE and tell them you want to see one of the Ponch Liners. I have a spare I keep in my gear incase, I need the extra warmth. It's 20 bucks for it.

You can roll it down to about the size of a t-shirt. It's not overly waterproof but it will keep the cold off you and the moisture to a small amount away from you too. Great for a picnic or just laying out in the Sun.

Start to prepare your trip before you head for the trails!

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