My "Backup Kit"

by Jim
(Idaho, US)

This is what I consider my universally "essential" backup kit. It sits in my daypack under my desk at work; in my vehicle during commute/travel; inside or attached to whatever camelbak/daypack/backpack, hunting or fishing vest I'm using. Items such as a fixed blade, first aid kit, hydration bladder/water bottles and filter, flashlight, rain gear, food, stove & fuel, bivy/tent, fishing gear, rifle/pistol, etc., will vary according to activity/season.

The items below are a constant, modular, kit to augment activity specific gear. Although I've catagorized items, many of them can be multi-tasked, for example the rescue blanket is a first aid item that can be used for shelter or as a signaling device.

•The SPEC-OPS Pack Rat is a 12 ounce, 10" x 8" x 2" (approx) pack organizer. Mine has performed very well on a variety of outings (hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, & mountain biking). I'm very happy with this organizer and even with all the below items, there is still plenty of room left to allow trip-specific items to be added.

•Extra Strength Excedrin (250mg Acetaminophen/250mg Aspirin/65mg Caffeine, 10 tabs) - pain/fever relief
•Acetaminophen & Hydrocodone (500mg/5mg, 4 tabs) - pain relief
•Cyclobenzaprine (10mg, 6 tabs) - muscle relaxant
•Loperamide (2mg, 10 tabs) - anti-diarrheal
•Sudafed (30mg, 10 tabs) - decongestant
•Bandages (8 regular & 2 large) - Bandaid brand tough strips seem to adhere best in my experience
•Vaseline petroleum gauze dressing 3" x 9" - in addition to dressing wounds, the Vaseline can be used to help start a fire
•Purell hand sanitizer (0.5oz) - wound cleanser, the alcohol stings but at least you know it's working.
•Coppertone Sport, SPF 30 (1.5oz ) sunscreen
•Ben's 100, 98% DEET (1.25oz) insect repellent

•Hartwell heavy duty rescue blanket (5' x 7") rescue orange & silver
•50' paracord
•Thermasilk balaclava

•Nexus rescue whistle
•Starflash signal mirror
•Orion Pocket Rocket pencil flare kit (3 flares)
•Streamlight Stylus LED penlight
•Inova Microlight (white)
•Mini-chemlights (green, 6)

•Butane lighter
•Doan Ferocium/Mg block
•Esbit fuel tabs (2)
•cotton balls (8)

•Potable Aqua tabs
•1 quart Ziplok freezer bags (2,)
•Camelbak elixir tabs

•Columbia River Knife & Tool M16-Ti folding knife
•Brunton Trailbuster compass
•Leatherman Supertool
•Duct tape (2"x4')
•Large safety pins (8)
•Krazy Glue gel pen
•Sewing Kit
•Assorted needles (various sizes, heavy duty for canvas/leather, 4 straight & 2 curved)
•50 yards each of black, tan, and white thread
•11 yards dental floss
•Buttons (6 small, 4 medium, 2 large)


•Jolt gum (6 pieces) - sugar and caffeine
•Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" notepad
•Sharpie duel tip CD marker
•50 feet of braided ultracast Spiderwire (20 lb test)
•Trout flies (four size 6 Pistol Petes, various colors)
•Hunting/Fishing/Trapping licenses (this kit is always with me when I'm engaged in any of these activities)

Total weight is 3 lbs, 6 ounces. To me, this is a bit heavy, but a lot of these items get used on a regular basis, they're not just "for emergency use only".

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by: TheFeet

just wanted to mention you are the 1st i've seen here(I haven't read all posts just yet), but I wanted to commend you on packing "Crazy Glue". Not sure if many people know this, but I was informed some time ago that crazy glue was actually developed for military medics in the field of battle when stitching a patient up with a nasty wound wasn't an option. Ever noticed how it instantly bonds skin on skin? Had you not mentioned it I would have!

A tube of crazy glue is barely 2" long and a 1/4" thick and weighs but a few grams! Who knows? It could be a life saver.

by: Big Mac

Nomad thanks for the ideas especially the salt and pepper I had never thoujght of that I'm it will make something more pallatable...Thanks

thread /fishing line holders,spices&saws
by: Nomad

I keep my thread and fihing line on plastic sewing machine bobbins.I use 1/4" elastic bands sticked small to stretch over it to keep it from spooling off.
I also carry some bullion cubes,instant tea bags,and small bottles of salt,pepper and cayan pepper.They could make something pallateable.
Do a search for "pocket chain saws"they are compact and great.Gerber also makes a great wood saw and bone saw,both slide back into the handle and lock with a tension knob.I prefer these to the pocket chain saw.

aditional items?
by: Nomad

I agree with your aqua tabs and ziplocks but I carry a small $4.00 stainless cup from Wal-Mart.As it can be used to boil up a meal or to heat water to drink if you needed to raise your body core temperature or for purification.I also carry a jewelers loop,it works well for focusing sunlight to start a fire.COLD STEEL makes a bird and trout knife that is light and COLUMBIA RIVER makes a nice neck knife also.Both are one piece without handle scales witch allows them to be heated or boiled to sterilize them.They both have kidex sheaths.I have cleaned 14 deer with the columbia and it still has alot of life left.The other is a recent purchase and has yet to be tested.The magnezium blocks with flint striker are nice also.

Impressive Jim!
by: Dan

It seems to be according to the motto "Be Prepared" !!

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