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I second your choice
by: wirelesscaller

I've owned various knives from various companies such as cold steel, buck, benchmade, gerber, kerhaw, and some from various knife smiths but for the price this knife is great beginner's knife and is a serious tool. There are videos on youtube with someone batoning a log for an hour and it held up without modifications and the blade is very thick and heavy.

Regardless of what others will claim, this knife is stronger than human flesh, animal flesh, and wood so when they make stupid statements about they wouldn't trust their lives to it nor would do without they either have not seen it or simply a fool. Many cultures of the past used knives of wood, stone, flint, and weaker metals finding them useful for their day to day survival, even many of the really bad knives now are far superior in metals than many of the past. This isn't the greatest knife in the world but it definitely ranks as one of the best knife for the money spent, I'd even go so far as to say this knife's only weaknesses are lacking a full tang design, crappy sheathe, and I'd prefer a flat back over the saw but it's still better than many of the cheap knives out there and a better tool than many that are more expensive than it is too.

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