My favorite camp knife

by Dave Pappas
(Bridgeview IL)

My remington RH-134 in the kitchen

My remington RH-134 in the kitchen

As I stated in an earlier article a survivor needs a battery of go to blades in his or her kit. I wrote about my favorite big blade and now I will write about my favorite medium blade or "camp chore knife".

This is the blade you will be using the most around camp from skinning game to prepping food for the cook pot and a host of other small chores. It was a tough decision between the Cattaraugus 225-q and the remington RH-134, but the Remington won out due to the ergonomics of the handle design, in the end it just feels better. The RH-134 was Made by Remington from 1925 to 1940 when Remington sold the knife manufactory to Pal knives in the 40s. Later productions are camillus produced and arent as pretty as the older knives but still a good bargain.

My Rh-134 was made in the 30s as told by the grip having the 6 brass and poly spacers in the handle make up, later knives have 3 spacers. The Pommel is of cast polished aluminum held to the shank by a brass screw in the rear, the grip is made up of leather washers and colored poly spacers. It is rounded in contour with a nice palm swell that fills the hand generously. There is a guard on the ricosso but only on the bottom as the top of the rear of the blade has thumb serrations for getting better purchase for fine work. The 5" blade has a blood groove and a rounded clip point with a false edge. This knife sports one of the early attempts to make stainless knife blades that was actually successful it measures 1/8 " at the spine and tapers toward the tip.

This knife has excellent balance and fit to the hand making it a joy to work with for extended periods. This old timer never needs sharpening just an occasional touch up with a steel when skinning and butchering and has shucked off all the abuse I have thrown at it and come back for more.

If you come across one at a garage or estate sale pick it up and see what I mean, these can be found for a song on E-bay and are great for someone on a budget that cant afford a Dozier or Reeves in this category.

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