Nectar of The Gods-H2O

by Todd Owen
(Denver - Colorado )

We all know how important the stuff is, we've had it drilled into our brains for years, but don't forget to be responsible with it when you do have it.

I've read a lot of accounts as to where people who were lost or stranded in situations decided to drink and drink and eat and eat the first day they were lost. Its suggested that if you have a supply of water that you should wait one full day before you decide to start consuming it. ( Situations may dictate more, if extreme heat or other variables are in place ). But upon realizing your situation may be dire, why would you want to consume all your resources? After your first day, your body should be allowed to adjust to what it really needs.

Save your resources and be smart with what you have, THINK bout what your situation is and THEN get a plan together on how to use your food and water.....

Happy Survival to you all.

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by: Shaykh Idris

It is the water in the belly that keeps one alive: food, one can get by for a while withouit it. If one has gone into the wilds without water, warmth, &c; he'd not have read this site.

important advice...
by: Winyan Staz

thanks...thats very good advice for everyone :)

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