Not a Pocket Survival Kit but a Personal Survival Kit

by Reid

I think that having a personal survival kit is better than a pocket kit since it could fall out of your pocket quite easily. You can lose it or leave it behind at camp and not have it when you need it, but you'll never lose a personal kit.

In my personal survival kit I have: a military canteen with a metal cup in a cover that I attached a shoulder strap (made out of 50' of paracord) to and a nylon web belt to it also. In the pocket on the cover I have a small mirror for signalling and a birthday candle. In a simple phone pouch for easy access, that I got off an old backpack, I have a Swedish firesteel. I put it on the web belt. On a necklace I have a whistle.

Also I wear a paracord bracelet made of 10' of it. In my pockets I have several cotton balls to help start a fire. A small roll of duct tape I also have in my pockets. And the last and most important item is my knife.

Be a wilderness survivor, not a wilderness victim.

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by: Todd Owen

I agree i see so many '' survival kits '' on the market. i too have a similar set up as you. i however,use a NALGENE bottle filled with my personal goodies. I have mentioned on here all too often what works for one person may not work for me. Paracord is a really good investment. I keep about 20 feet in my Bottle Kit along with a nice sharp blade,a glow stick,a space blanket,some hard candy a few matches and some GORILLA TAPE, not Duct tape.I wrap the GORILLA Tape around a small BIC lighter and BAM !!!! there you go.Oh and i also have a small little button compass in the mix too. The whole set up cost me about 15.00 bucks

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