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Purpose is everything.
by: Alaska Mountain Man

It is always fun to see what others views are. I own both the fallkniven and bk knives mentioned here, and I see that I am not the only one that likes these knives.

I have to agree that the Fallkniven does have a better better fit and finish. It is a solid knife. I also have to agree that the Becker BK 2 is also a solid knife and is easier to sharpen.

Here is my take on my Fallkniven an BK-2. The Fallkniven is a great blade and stays sharp for a long time. The blade is more brittle that that of the BK. It does cost considerably more money than the BK, but you do have to pay more for better fit and finish. Both will do just about any task that you ask of them. For fine work the Fallkniven it better. For baton work splitting wood, the BK is the hand down winner. One could go on and on with which one is a bit better than the other.

So which one do I carry the most. For me it is the Bk. And here is why. The BK is a heavier blade. It is easy to sharpen. It is not as brittle. I can abuse it. Use it as a pry bar. Simply put it will take more abuse with out chipping, but if it does I can repair the blade more easily. If I was to destroy the knife I am out $80. Quite a bit less than the Fallkniven.

Just as important to me I have the abillity to customize the Bk. I have custom micarta handles to fit my rather large hands (the handles on the Fallkniven are a tad small for my hands) a custom kydex sheath I made so that I can carry it drop leg or on a belt. My sheath has an integrated maxpedition pouch with a survival kit in it. I do not see myself ever being able to destroying this knife, but if I did, I could change out the handles after spending another $80.

So, to sum it up. I do like both knives and I think most would be happy with either blade. I would recommend you getting a blade that fit your needs and your hands, or one you can modified to fit. One that you have confidence in. Remember, PURPOSE, FUNCTION, FIT & RELIABILITY. If you do you will love you knife even if it is not either of these fine blades.

fallkniven over becker any day
by: Anonymous

Beckers are good knives and really good value for the money they cost but Fallkniven is a step up in terms of overall quality. I've had few beckers that came from factory with inconsistent (uneven) edges. Some were not as sharp as they should be. You won't find that on Fallknivens. They are perfectly finished and come razor sharp. Certainly more work and care goes into making and finishing the Fallknivens. And that's something to consider when deciding on which knife to buy.

Mora #2 will always be my recommendation
by: Biologyguy

I recommend the Mora 2 to everyone looking for their first knife. Then I reach into my toolbox, glove compartment, or around my neck and I give them their first one. Then I let them know that...

- They are about $15 on Amazon.
- I have already squared off the back of the blade for excellent fire striking.
- I have pounded the back of the blade with a rock baton and didn't even leave the slightest of a ding.
- They are used as a common utility knife (Think of our Stanley retractable models in the US) in Europe.
- They have a Mora #1 with a finger guard that is the first knife given to children in Europe.
- They make an excellent gift, conversation starter, and life saver
- They make an awesome set of steak knives. Your guests will be able to cut shoe leather if your cooking isn't great.

- OH! and they will cut the edge off of a Gerber blade. Watch your fingers. ;-)

BK2 Companion
by: Joe

After a lot of research, I bought a Ka-Bar BK2 Companion. I received it about a week ago but I haven't had a chance to put it through the paces yet.

Overall thought my first impression is that it's a good, solid survival knife. I'm happy with it.


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