Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen

by Kris Pitzler
(Seattle, WA, USA)

This excellent survival manual is written by an author who has been fascinated and almost obsessed with the precolonial Native American way of life since he was a boy. His imagination and soul fed by the legends and stories of the Utah desert he was raised in. Consequently, the book is very much written from a Native American perspective and sensibility when it comes to living off the land.

I have read many survival books but this one is my favorite for many reasons:

My number one reason being, the author takes it into consideration that you, the reader, is very likely an armchair wilderness survivalist and has little practical knowledge on the subject. Therefore, everything is explained in rich detail and in language that is easy to understand. In addition, each topic and instruction flows into the next nicely and is accompanied by detailed pictures making it easy for an un-tried and tested brain to grasp and absorb.

This last point applies especially to the section that deals with edible plants and non edible poisonous ones. It seems that most survival books merely touch on the point and supply a small blurb about which berries to eat.. ect. At best they may include a few drawings.

This book goes way beyond that supplying full color photographs of each non edible and edible plant that you are likely to encounter in the American wilderness and then explains minutely how to prepare them and which ones taste best together.

A truly informative book that leaves the reader feeling prepared to weather a disaster that leaves one stranded with no food, water, tools, shelter or clothing.

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My Life
by: Pat

I am 50 now but when I was about 14 I read one of your books. I did everything in it step by step over and over again, I actually wore the book out and it fell apart. From that point in my life I continued expanding my knowledge here in North America and in far away places over seas.For the past twenty years I have been a survival skills instructor teaching others. Each class I teach I tell them this story and about you and that book I got as a kid. Thanks p.s. this is my first computer isn't the internet great I found the revised book again I plan to order it.

my comments
by: william evans

Mr Olsen,
I have your book "outdoor survival skills" and have used several ideas of yours for my camping skills. Thank you for a truely unique way of life, we should all have some skills in the outdoors anyway just in case we lose all electricity...

Great book!!
by: Anonymous

This is the grandaddy of them all and still is one of the best available

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