Photos to increase your will to survive

by Dean

I am a veteran wilderness camper and paddler and a retired Air Force Lt Col with considerable formal survival training. I also teach a counter terrorist course which includes a segment on survival under captive conditions. I just found your site and enjoy it greatly.

A few comments: every survival kit should include a photograph of those who mean the most to you (family, loved ones, etc) as well as one of those who you may be traveling with. It is impossible to overstate how much motivation ( the will to survive) plays in successfully surviving the worst of conditions. Having a reminder of the most important people in your life can be a great aid in maintaining this all important will.

Second there is a good chance that if you are in a survival condition others in your party from whom you became separated are in a similar circumstance. If you are rescued a photo of the others is invaluable.

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Excellent suggestion
by: TSgt Miller

As an AD USAF member just getting into the "survival" mindframe for an upcoming "mission", I find this is a great idea. Most of the books I read address the very issue of positive mental attitude and "the will to live". I will be keeping a picture with me in the future.

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