Pine cone weather gauge

by Todd Owen

I read about this little trick awhile back, and I have tried to use it as a GUIDE more or less, but from what I can tell it has been pretty accurate. During your outings look for a couple of pine cones. Set them out on a flat surface around your camp area.

After awhile you should notice one of two things. First of all it may be OPENED, this indicated that the air in the area is really dry and that the weather should be good with little chance of bad weather However if the cone stays closed it means it has moisture build up inside of it and stormy weather may be on the horizon.

Check it out, I think its a neat little thing to ad to your outdoor skills.

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by: Shaykh Idris

I note that the pine cones nearby are all in closed mode, and it was recently wet; soon to be so again.
I like it. Thank you.

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