Places To Get Deals On Gear And Food

by Todd Owen

Living here in Colorado my wife and I are very fortunate to have several places to buy camping gear and survival supplies for our many weekends get aways to the back country. I am very thrifty when it comes to making purchases.

I am often found at local thrift stores for any little item that would be useful. I have found Original Coleman stoves for 10 to 15 bucks that only needed a little cleaning up. I have gotten items to store food in and many other supply items that even though they are older they were created years ago when products were made to last for many years unlike the new stuff out there that last 4 or 5 years and falls apart.

Here is a list I have put together from my own area on where to get certain items that need to be new and replenished often. These should be around in your area as well or a reasonable substitute. WAL MART/TARGET - various flash lights and battery's, some cheap clothing for your weekend warriors, snacks, etc.

One thing I will mention Wal Mart does carry a real nice water bottle for 25.00 bucks that has a built in filter on it. It's about the size of a Nalgene bottle and is rugged. The filter is designed for about 25 or so gallons of water, pour your water in and its done. Drink from the straw and there you go.

Army Surplus - I think for the more advanced hikers these places over the more detailed items you may want or need. The one in my area carrys MOUNTAIN HOUSE meals cheaper than any store I have found. Usually for a two serving meal about 5 bucks a bag. They also carry the sleeping bags that our armed forces have relied on for years and years and the prices are very reasonable too.

Thriftstores - Well as I said in the beginning these places are always great for those little items that you never know what you will use them for.

Happy Survival

You'll learn not only how to survive, but how to be comfortable in the wilderness.

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