Plan your trip carefully

by Bob
(United States)

Study your maps

Study your maps

Always, always, always give some one who is not going on your trek a complete itinerary. Include your intended route, place you will be camping, your entry and exit points, and a complete list of gear you will be taking.

Also a good idea is to leave a list of the persons involved, including names, age and physical conditions. This will alert rescuers to possible medications they may need to bring.

On top of all these things every one in your group should be familiar with all equipment present. Equipment is only good if you know how to use it.

Before you start out, study your maps, make possible extraction points in the event something goes wrong.

But what ever you do, the best advice is to never lose your head in the wilderness. No matter how much training or equipment you have, they are of no use if you are not capable of using them.

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There is safety in numbers
by: Len

Never travel alone through wilderness country. You must be in company with a reliable person in case of injury, animal attack or illness. After all, one of you would have to get help.

More then one
by: Alan

Before you leave be sure to notify at least two people. Don't forget to call these persons when you return.

Wilderness Trip Planning Guide
by: Marie

Thanks Bob, great advice.

I think you have emphasize the most important aspects of planning a wilderness trip.

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