Pocket shelter with a heater

by Brian
(Pennsylvania USA)

We all have 30-gallon lawn and leaf trash bags in our kitchens or garages. Well get one of these trash bags and put it in your survival kit along with a survival candle or a tea light candle ( I use Tea light candles).

Now when you are cold and need a quick warm place just take out your trusty trash bag and rip a corner of the bag off. Put your face out of the bag (I don't want anyone dying here from suffocation) and sit in a crossed legged fashion inside your trash bag. Take the tea light candle, place it between your legs, and light it.

Be careful not to burn yourself. It will only take about a minute until you want to get out of the bag because of the heat but all you need to do is extinguish the candle and enjoy the warmth!

Repeat as needed.

In addition, your trusty trash bag can be used for many purposes. Filling it with dry leaves for a mattress, using as a rain collector for water…etc. I'm sure you can think of others.

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use a space blanket instead
by: Tim / Nomad

www.uscav.com sells a proforce combat casulty blanket for $5.99. It is a heavy grade of emergency blanket. I have used similar ones, I fold one up to sit on and then put it inside of the second one. I wrap the second one up around meand sinch it as closed as possible.


It is amazeing how something so light could save your life.The bag also acts as a windbreaker.If you sat in it without tearing a hole in it you would have a ground sheet under you.

by: tyler

ill have to try that sometime

Size does matter
by: Larry

I use the 45 or 55 gallon contractor bags. They take up a little more room but last so much longer. My favorite kit is based on a fishing vesst so I lay them flat in the large pocket on the back.

Instant body shelter
by: Chuck

This is one that has been taught to both boy and cub scouts. Excellent write up of it. Very clearly expressed.

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