Reduce your thirst

by Peter . R
( Australia)

I read about this one in the SAS "Escape, evasion and survival guide." This one doesn't stave off dehydration so don't rely on this. It just makes you feel much less thirsty by increasing your rate of saliva production.

Simply grab a small pebble, about the size of a peanut, clean off any dirt and stick it in your mouth.

After 10-15 minutes, you will start to notice that you aren't nearly as thirsty as before. But again you must realize that by the time you are thirsty, you are already heading towards dehydration.

This is my first tip so you're not crazy if you think its crap, I'll keep posting as my skills improve.

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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by: Anonymous

This topic is something that I have been looking into for a while now and your insight is exceptional. Thanks for sharing this information.

it is so
by: Shaykh Idris

I is so: same trick is used in Australia, & it works. good one.

You are correct....
by: Winyan Staz

Native Americans have also used this technique, especially in the southwestern areas, and long before the (illegal aliens) Whitemen started pouring over the borders. ;)

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