SAW Gunner Pouch

by DarylD
(Atlanta, Georgia)

SAW Gunner Pouch

SAW Gunner Pouch

SAW Gunner Pouch
SAW Pouch Uses

SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Gunner Pouches are, of course, ammunition carriers for the M249 Light Machine Gun and hold 200 rounds of linked ammo. They are; however, useful for holding a variety of other things that we may consider for survival.

>Nylon material with molded, reinforced sides, and attachment of ALICE clips for alternate carry.
>Flap top with quick-release buckle.
>Each is 7 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 7 1/4"h.

The pouch as MOLLE straps that enable attachment to a variety of carrying systems including PALS and ALICE systems.

Personally, I use them to "modularize" groups of items such as; first aid, fire and cooking, food, hygiene, and ammunition.

Rather than stock a BOB (Bug-Out-Bag), I have a "survival box" that contains my large (unloaded) ALICE pack and various "modules" of grouped items including food, water, canteens (covers and cups), tools, edged weapons, emergency radio, fire and cooking equipment, firearms and ammunition, 2-person tent, etc. I can grab the "survival box" and, if need be, transfer "modules" from the box to the pack, as needed. For example, I have the following equipped modules (SAW pouches):

Ammunition Module:

Consists of five separate waterproofed boxes (Watertight Cell Phone Dry Box (available at Wal-Mart) of ammunition for three calibers of weapons (.22 LR, 20 gauge (slugs, buck, and bird with slugs and buck being primary), and 9mm) and it can attached quickly to the ALICE pack or to a separate belt, as needed.

Food module:

>(4 MRE entrees with heaters).

First Aid module:

>"Hunter" first aid kit by Adventure Medical Kits

Fire and cooking module:

1 ea. Sterno Stove
4 ea. Cans of Sterno
1 ea. Altoids tin of Never Dull wadding
1 ea. Watertight Cell Phone Dry Box (available at Wal-Mart): The box allows me to pull together several tools for fire starting in one compact package, which consist of the following:

1. Swedish Fire Starter
2. Box of waterproof matches
3. BIC Lighter
4. Magnesium Bar (Doan or Coleman)
5. Never Dull wadding (plastic-wrapped)
6. #0000 Steel Wool pad

Personal hygiene module:

> Toothbrushes
> Toothpaste
> Throwaway Safety Razors
> Hand Sanitizer (doubles as fire starter because of the alcohol)
>Shampoo and body wash
> Flushable wipes
> Bags for "disposables"
> Extra water purification tablets

These pouches are universally-adaptable and you can use them to modularize as you see fit.

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Saw Pouch FTW
by: Anonymous

I was merely hoping to put together a beefed up SAS style survival kit using a saw pouch for the container when I stumbled across this article. Using saw pouches to modularize the various "sub-systems" of your BOB is a GREAT idea!

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