Self build survival knife

by James C West
(Chatham County North carolina)

I recently picked up one of those survival knives (at a local swap meet for cheap) that you see in magazines with the compass on the end of the handle and a twist of top where you can fill the handle with things one might need. The problem with these knives are they do not hold up well if you are going to baton with them. After looking the knife over, I thought of a better way of having a survival knife that would stand up to the pounding one gives such a knife in the wilderness.

I had an old hickory butcher’s knife laying around so I took off the wood scales (grips) and cut out an elongated hole in the tang. Next I took some antler and cut that in half and with a dermel router I hollowed out another elongated hole in both pieces of the antler. I matched up the holes in the tang with the antler grips/scales, marked them and drilled them. I picked up some screws with gourmets at the hardware store to secure the pieces back to the knife.

Now what I had was a good knife that would hold up to modest batoning and in side the grips I had an area to place survival gear (fishing line, small hooks, button compass, bank line and a flint rod).

Give it a try!

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by: James C West

The idea here is that someone would be out on a day hike or maybe stranded or lost and the only thing they may have is a knife. In a perfect world one would have all the gear they would ever need while in the wilderness/bush but that is usually not the case.
Most people carry a day pack or a fanny pack that does not hold a lot of items and yes while an axe would be nice to have very few if any persons found in a survival situation will have one. But most will or should have a knife (note: most knifes used during the pioneer days were trade knifes or butcher style knifes) that with a little American ingenuity can improve ones chances of survival.

Five C’S of survivability
Cutting tool= A solid dependable knife
Combustion= A way to quickly and reliably start a fire in all conditions
Cover/Clothing= A way to get out of the elements of nature and be protected. Also how to dress appropriately for where you are
Container= A way to carry, store and boil water for purification. Also for carrying food, cooking, etc
Cordage= A way to tie and lash together available resources for shelter, carrying, traps, etc.

by: Shaykh Idris

You Americans have this strange notion that a knife is for splitting wood. Not a good thing to use a knife for: try an ax! AS for hollow handles: pffft!

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