Signaling with your mobile phone

by Erik

I have heard that some mobile phones with a mini flashlight have a setting that causes it to flash SOS.

Since my phone doesn't I used the phones camera to make an SOS video. If I ever need it, I can run the video (on screen)in a loop until I have reason to believe it has been noticed.

I took a shoe box, placed a light in it then, in a dark room, used the cover to block out or expose the light to make the SOS message.

I don't imagine this would carry very far, say to a commercial flight overhead, but for search and rescue planes or if you are stranded, for example, on an island near habitation (cottage country, whatever) it could carry far enough to summon help.

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blow your own whistle ;D
by: spock

Blowing a whistle is great, if you happen to have one. So is a flare gun, etc. etc.

The problem with unforeseen emergencies is that they are, well, unforeseen, and that many people go out unprepared, but few go out without their mobile phone, so getting help often depends on using what you have, not what you SHOULD have.

A light signal, in certain circumstances, may also be MORE effective... High noise levels, example storm etc. Someone indoors may not hear your whistle, but might see my flashing through a window. I also doubt that a S&R helicopter can hear your whistle above the engine rotor sounds, but they can engine/rotor noise, but they MAY be able to see a light signal.

I am not suggesting that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread or that it makes redundant all other means of signaling. I am suggesting that it costs nothing and MAY, in some hopefully rare situations, help.

In light of that, what is your problem with it? Do you see how it could possibly cause harm, or do you bolster your self esteem by nay saying others ideas without being able to suggest anything better?

by: Shaykh Idris

Why not just blow on a whistle? This has got to be one of the weirdest notions to be posted here, really.

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