Simple survival kit

by Charles McKinney
(Marion, Indiana)

Many survival kits contain as much as can be stuffed in them. I try to keep mine simple by including just what I'm likely to use. On the other hand I don't want to be without items that could be used to help save my life.

In pocket survival tin

1. Two or three bladed jack knife
2. 20mm button compass
3. Metal match & hacksaw blade striker
4. Waterproof matches
5. Cotton tinder treated with petroleum jelly (stored in plastic)
6. Water purification chemicals
7. Unlubricated condoms or Reynolds oven bag for water storage
8. A long strip of aluminum foil
9. Fish hooks, line and sinkers
10. Prescription drugs (3 day supply), analgesics (6), antihistimines (8)
11. 2 band-aids
12. 2 safty pins
13. Duct tape
14. Needle & thread

In pocket

15. Space blanket
16. 20 ft of cord (1/8" nylon or para cord)
17. whistle
18. Signal mirror

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by: Anonymous

Do you not need a rope?

Another bit regarding my compass and directions
by: Charles McKinney

I already carry a larger compass along with the 20mm one in this kit. In addition to that I have learned to use the shadow stick method of determining direction with the sun as well as using the moon and stars (if they can be seen). There is a two stick method that can be used to get your directions from ANY star. A longer stick and a shorter stick are used. Make the longer stick 2 or 3 feet long and the shorter stick half the length of the first one. The longer stick is stuck into the ground and the shorter stick is stuck into the ground a couple of feet behind the longer one. Lie on the ground behind the shorter stick and aline them so the star you are looking at is on the tip of the longer stick and the tip of the shorter stick is aligned with the tip of the longer stick making the tips of both sticks and the star line up. Watch the star. If it seems to be rising you are facing east. If it seems to be falling you are facing west. If it seems to be moving to the left you are facing north and if it seems to be moving to the right you are facing south.

Nice little kit
by: Anonymous

Very good. Add a larger compass perhaps? Or do you already carry one?

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