Snake bites

by Quentin
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If bitten by a snake you scrub the injury with water and soap if you are not at least ten miles to civilization.

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Shoopting Stick
by: DarylD

First clear the area before sticking your hands in any "hidey" area that could house a snake.

I normally carry an adjustable "Shooting Stick", if I can't find a suitable stick of natural materials (I have several walking staffs). You can find shooting sticks up to 68" and which are lightweight aluminum with adjustable, collapsible sections. My companion shooting stick is adjustable from 24" to 68" and comes with a foam grip and wrist strap. Additionally, a screw base allows interchangeable heads to be mounted; a V-type shooting rest and a ball for casual walks. The screw base also allow you to mount a camera.

I normally carry it with the V-type shooting head in case I need to rest my portable shooting device on it to steady my aim. Extend it out fully to poke in those areas where placing the hand might not be a good idea.

Snake ryme
by: Anonymous

If red touches black, you're okay jack; If red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow.

More info
by: Nomad

I have heard that not all snakebites include the injection of venom.I myself would always treat one as if I had been injected.There may be visible fang marks but if there isn't any burning sensation other than the bite itself a person may have gotten lucky.
I met a women who was bitten by a copperhead when she sat on it.This occured while she and some friends were morel hunting.She wasn't injected but did have fang marks.

Preventing snakebites
by: Mike

To reduce your risk of snakebite - leave snakes alone.Most snakes usually avoid people if possible and bite only when threatened or surprised.

- Stay out of tall grass
- Be cautious when gathering firewood and climbing rocks

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