Starting A "tepee" Fire

by Seth (popflash)

There is a strategy that is fairly simple to complete and is one of the best fires to build. The "tepee" fire. The tepee fire is named after Indian huts, they make great fires.

To make one, take 2-4 forked sticks. Drive them shallowly into dry terrain where you want to build it. Then depending on how many forked sticks you used, get 1 for each pair of forked sticks (for example 2 forked sticks=1 stick to lay on top of the two).

Then carefully place more sticks around the top sticks and it will start to look like a hut! Then, take a tinder (paper,dry and dead leaves,dry peat, etc.) and light it with your fire starter (lighter,matches,etc.). If you notice, it will only produce a ember where the tinder is burning, put a kindling (small twigs,dry leaves,dry grass,etc.) and put it on the embers, then softly blow on the burning embers until it lights the kindling on fire.

Stoke the burning kindling and tinder towards the tepee walls if needed, and do not worry if the walls fall down, this will help it by adding fuel automatically.

Also, taking a firm stick and the inside of tree bark, putting the base of the stick on the bark, then as if you were rubbing your hands together, rub the stick like that, moving your hands up and down the stick as you go, will also produce friction and enough friction will light the bark on fire. NOTE:Bark is tinder.

Tip #1:Try not to use gasoline for fuel, its dangerous!

Tip #2:If you worry about getting stuck in the wild, think ahead before going camping and prepare a kit.

Tip #3:Keep the fire stoked, and add fuel as needed.

Tip #4:Be careful, the fire can get very hot!

Tip #5:If you set up your fire near a forest, place rocks around the fire in a circle, so the fire will not burn the forest down!

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