Surveyor tape - another Lifesavor

by Dean Paul

Brightly colored surveyor tape is inexpensive, it takes little space, it weighs next to nothing and most important it can save your life.

Use it to mark your position so that your location can be readily identified, especially from the air. If you are forced to relocate or to try to walk out of a situation small pieces will clearly mark your route of travel. Choose a color which will contrast your anticipated surroundings (I like florescent pink ).

I remove the tape from the original role and wrap other items in my kit (such as my butane lighter) with the tape.

Three months ago my sister and brother in law took a day hike in the Arizona desert. Both were experienced hikers. My brother in law slipped while descending into a small ravine. He was impaled by a branch from a dead tree.

Fortunately they were able to use their cell phone to call for rescue. However, the helicopter pilot was unable to locate their position. Conditions precluded the use of a signal mirror. My sister had to climb to a higher location and signal with waiving arms and her jacket. Believe me they now carry surveyor tape.

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