Wilderness Survival Cooking Skills

Survival cooking or how to prepare food in the wild without any cooking utensils is an essential skill for the wilderness survivor. A good example of a simple cooking method is hot stone cooking.

Hot stone cooking:

Simply light a fire above a bed of non-porous stones. Don't use soft, porous stones with a high moisture content, which might explode on heating. This cooking method is ideal for fish, thin meat slices and frying eggs.

· Let the fire burn for an hour or more. In the meantime, prepare your food.

· Brush away fire and embers with a handful of long grass.

· Cook food directly on the hot rocks. Use it, as you would use a frying pan.

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Alternative (use fist size stones):

cook pit · Dig a pit about 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) deep. The diameter should be equal to the depth.

· Pack the bottom of the pit and the walls.

· Cover the bottom with the hot stones and add a thin layer of soil on top.

· Wrap your meat in fresh green plant parts, such as leaves or moss.

· Place the package in the pit.

· Add a thin layer of soil on top and then more hot stones.

· Cover with earth or sand.

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