Survival fire in a can

by Nathan

Growing up in the ever soggy forests of Washington fire tender could be not difficult, but near impossible to find. So hers a little prep you can do from home.

All you will need is an empty tuna can, saw dust or hamster bedding and wax. Simply fill the can with the saw dust (or rodent bedding). Melt wax into can binding the saw dust in the can.

Now wet or dry this will light and burn well with a very controlled flame for cooking warming or use as a base tinder to start your camp fire.

Happy smores

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Nice one
by: Morris

I have learned so many interesting things over the years. Gather some dry wood. It is important to maintain the flame. A battery and steel wool can be extremely handy under these circumstances. All you need to do is to run the battery terminals on the steel wool or vice versa.


I found that if you use dryer lint it will start a fire and does not take up much space or weigh hardly anything

fire starters
by: Jadga

the cotton face scrub pads work well. dip them in wax or Vaseline a lot of them can be stored in an old soup can. even wet they work.

Fire Tinder
by: Tony

For starting a fire, I use old 35mm plastic film container's or old Altoids comtainers. I take cotton balls and rub them in petroleum jelly that I purchsed a Walmart. Burns like gasoline.

good post, thanks :)
by: Anonymous

That is a good post..thanks. I never thought about using sawdust.
I sometimes roll corragated cardboard cut to size in a tight roll, fit it into tuna cans and pour in wax. (sometimes I add a bit of hemp string to use as a wick if I want to use them for a candle..
I also sometimes make a hobo stove to use them on by cutting holes around the bottom and top of a larger can, punching a couple of holes in the sides to run a couple of metal tent pegs through and set my prepared cardboard and wax can inside on the tent pegs..and then I can just use another can or small pan to cook on top.
Long as you have plenty of vents for the fire to breath it works fine..
I also sometimes just take along a sandwich bag of the lint from my great for firestarting...

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