Survival glasses

by Chris

For those in the wilderness who may have lost/broken their glasses, and cannot see well, it's fairly simple to make an approximation of a pin-hole occluder out of whatever you have (paper, cardboard, a leaf, etc.).

A pin-hole occluder is basically something with circles of small holes, see:

Depending on the type of vision problem (mine is blurriness at all distances), the pin-hole occluder can allow you to see what you could not, before. I don't recall why it works, but the results are astonishing, and may help.

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pinhole at hand
by: Shaykh Idris

A pinhole at hand is the one at the far end of a fist,when held up to the eye, & it is adjustable!
You have made a very good point: snow goggles can also be made as above.

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