Survival kit idea

by Sam

I’m a preparedness junkie. I like to keep the following items with me all the time in a watertight container that fits in a jacket pocket.

1 pc - Tealight candle
1 pc - Wire saw
1 pc - Leatherman Squirt mini-tool
1 pc - Starflash signal mirror
1 pc - Mini Bic lighter 1.12"x12" heavy aluminum foil
1 pc - Inova led light
1 pc - Oven bag (for cooking turkeys)holds water and is sturdy.
1 pc - Fox40 Rescue Howler Whistle
1 pc - Mini striker
2 pc - Vasaline soaked cotton balls in foil.
2 pc - Antibiotic packets
2 pc - Painkillers (Ibuprofen)
2 pc - Imodium packets
2 pc - Sterile scalpels
1 pc - Silva 20mm compass
3 pc - Large safety pins
3 pc - Sewing needles and spool of nylon thread.
1 pc - 50ft. of Cordage
1 pc - Roll of duct tape (camping store size)
1 pc - Small fishing kit, 4 small hooks,4 split shot, a foam float,50ft. of 10lb.line,and dried corn.
3 pc - 18" steel leaders.
1 pc - Survival instructions sheet.

Most of this stuff came from an existing pocket kit. I just kept adding to it. I hope this is helpful.

Be a wilderness survivor, not a wilderness victim.

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drinking water
by: Harry

try those coffee filters for getting clean water an help with fire.

TEA CANDLE+ Bonnee hat

They take up lots of space and melt in your kit, wax everywhere. I also have in my kit a small 50mm magnifing glass with out the handle wrapped in a few layers of TP to protect it. I also have other fire starters as well in the small kit.ON MY REAL MILITARY BOONNEE HAT with the loops around it, I HAVE wrapped VERY thin poly rope. I use the yellow 3 twist type as it's made of 3 cords twisted together.It is stronger than you think!Mine holds 50 ft of it. You can take it apart to make a longer one if needed. Make great boot laces as well if yours fail. Besides it's yellow and not a natural colour in the bush for hunters. I also carry my big safety/diaper pins there as well. I sometimes will wrap a dripping wet bandana (Yellow/Red colour) around it to help cool my head/body down. It can even be muddy water but your not drinking it!Just keep it out of your eyes! I have even sewn patches (1x3") @45degs of old perforated yellow and orange safty vests onto it. And make sure you have the chin strap hanging down so you don't lose it in the wind. It's ugly but works in the bush!

Additions and deletions for sams kit.
by: surfnfx

Sam in your small kit I would get rid of the foam fishing float, use a small stick, you don't have to carry it. Add alcohol pads, and put back into the packet if you are carefull opening it and they catch a spark well and cleans a wound if you have to. Also add some dried mini marshmellows, the fish love them and you can put your fish hook into them in the kit a few hooks per marshmellow. Better than having to pull a hook out of your hand. They rehydrate in the water and melt a little so the scent spreads in the water. They also fill up the small spaces in your kit that nothing fits into.Also add some water purifation pills.

Survival kit

My survival kit contains:
1) survival cards
2) Swiss Army Knife
3) always have a larger knife on my hip as well
4) fire starting: striker/water proof matches/bic lighter/tinder, etc...
5) Large heavy duty plastic garbage bags for shelter and may other uses.
6) snare kit, fishing line & hooks
7) 50' to 60' paracord.
8) small 1st aid kit. aspirin vitamins & cold remedies.
9) compass & map of area traveling.
10) small mono-glass.
11) flash mirror & small mag lite
12) space blanket & space sleeping bag.
13) energy food bars & water purification tablets
14) very small sew kit, safety pins & needles

all items are in a small pack with water container.
But most items such as knife, compass, fire starting kit, space blanket stay in jacket pockets depending on the weather.

by: Anonymous

A pair of work gloves is a good idea if you want to keep your hands healthy.

Great basic kit
by: Anonymous

Great basic kit

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