Survival kit ideas

by Jill

When you make a survival kit you should try to make it as small and compact as possible so it is easy to carry with you. Here are a some things you should put in your survival kit.

- Pocket Knife
- First Aid Kit
- Small Poncho
- Extra clothing
- Water bottle
- Flash light
- Trail Food
- Matches/fire starters
- Sun protection
- Map and compass
- Whistle
- Signal mirror
- Wire
- Garbage Bag
- Fishing Gear

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by: Den

Just got what exactly I was looking for. Me and my friend, who is also a herpetologist was planning to have a camping in the nearby woods as a part of a small project he has to do. Since, this is my first venture; I had no ideas about the things that are to be included in the backpack.

Good advice Mr. Melius...
by: Anonymous

Perhaps you could expand a bit as to the uses of the aluminum foil so neatly pressed into 2" x 3" square.

I don't have a survival kit!
by: Survival Steve

I don't have a survival tin as such.

My kit is spread around my day sack.

Flint and steel hang inside of a zip. My whistle hangs on the other side inside the zip.

Two lengths of para cord along the frame.

Survival blanket( tin foil) laid flat in an internal pocket .

Small tin with strobe light, notes and bit of cash, snares etc.

It works for me.

Don't just pack it!!
by: Rocky

Like I said. Do not just pack a bunch of stuff we suggest. take our suggestions and play to your strengths. After that got camping or on a day trip and try out what you have. you can go buy a bag already full of crap... But it is no good to you if you don't know what you have and know two or three theoretical uses for the item. Be creative! It is fun and good mental exercise to think of 10 uses for a cotton swab, latex ballon, flash light and parts, etc.

Condom uses
by: Commander Kelly (Roguedawg)

A condom is good to use as a water carrier. You can also make a 3 inch sized ball by filling with water and use it as a magnifing glass. If the condom breaks it can still be used as a good firestarter.

Stay with your kit
by: Brennan

One of my tips is always carry your firesteel on you it can save your ass.
You must also ALWAYS stay with your kit.
Always make your shelter first.
Rice can be your best friend its cheap, easy to make, and lightweight.
Stay on the same route if you dont youll just waste your energy.

Shaman driver
by: Charles

Altoid tins.. Packed with 1" duct tape strips wound around short pieces of wooden paint stirrers.(great tinder)... 2 safety pins, one lg, one sm.... 25 ft para cord... One safety razor blade... Polished inside lid for mirror... sm flint and steel... One sewing needle threaded with monofiliment, 25 ft... pack est of area with cotton so it will not rattle. (also great tinder) Close kit and wrap 4 large rubber bands around outside

Survival Kit Containers
by: Anonymous

At first when I made survival kits, I put them in plastic bags, which were nice because they were waterproof, but I soon realized they'll get holes in them easily and are a pain to zip. So I tried out the idea of putting them in an altoids can works well nice size and isn't gonna break but water leaks in sometimes. I found this website, which sells tins of similar sizes for really cheap, and I haven't had any problems with water leaking into them.

I include in both BoB and survival supplies:
by: George

3/8” ID x 10’ or 12’ Clear Vinyl tube. Cut a piece to use as straw to sip inaccessible water source.

Siphon gas for stove from gas tanks.
Repair (check existing diameter) your hydration bag tube.

Surgical tube.2’ lg. Cut to make/repair sling shot. Excellent tunicate. Some of the same for above.

tip for survival kit
by: hobojobo

you should also keep some water purification tablets with you if needed.

Another great idea to put in your survival kit
by: Randy

I put in my tin survival kit (on the lid of the tin) my name and home phone number or cell phone number. If you don't carry ID or lose it this is just an extra precaution.

Aluminum foil
by: John Melius

When packing a kit, put in a square of aluminum foil. Get a good sized piece and fold and crease until it is about 2'' x 3'' then press with a book

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