Survival kit worn on belt

by Ted

In a pouch that is about 3" x 4.5" x 3/4" with two loops on the back so that it can be worn on the belt:

(1) Fallkniven DC-4 sharpening stone inside its leather sheath.

(2) 100' of Spectra thread wrapped around the leather sheath of the DC-4. Ziploc bag to hold the DC-4, sheath, and Spectra thread so that the thread is not abraded.

(3) 1.5" x 2" signal mirror.

(4) Tiny ziploc bag containing 14 Tinder-Quik tabs for tinder; if cut in half, these will start 28 fires.

(5) Inside the same ziploc bag, an ESEE AH-1 arrowhead point and a small card-stock list of survival tips.

(6) Fox-40 Micro Whistle.

(7) Firesteel, 3" long and 5/16" thick, with a thin scraper.

(8) Tiny plastic tube with plastic cap, containing some #12, #10, and #8 fish hooks.

(9) Ferroulithic Small Game Point #1 - an arrowhead for making an arrow.

(10) Pack of a dozen water purification tablets

So this kit which can be worn at all times on the belt while hiking, along with your favorite survival knife, provides knife, fire, cordage, signaling, food (fish & game using the fish hooks and arrowhead points and using the Spectra thread to make traps & snares), and water purification. Need to also carry a water bottle, a GSI Glacier stainless steel cup to boil water in, and maybe some paracord for more cordage.

Prepare for your wilderness adventure.

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Good items, more or less ?
by: Todd Owen ( Denver )

Nice suggestion about the pouch, I know many.on here love the purification tabs, me I prefer to.carry a small eye dropper of bleach, I can clean up a ton of water with this tiny amount. I usually add about 2 drops to a full NALGENE of water, let it set for half an hour and your good to.go... I see many ppl using fishing hooks as well, I actually carry a couple of aluminum soda can tabs, these make great hooks, as well as being able to put an edge on them to cut into small game or fish. Thanks for your tips , I'm always looking for new items to.toss into my Zombie Pack.... lol

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