Survival Schools and Courses

by Anthony Frailey
(Centerton AR, USA)

As a long time Wilderness person... I have self taught me and my friends and family things I've learned through experience.

I recently went through a course, and I'm not saying I didn't learn anything, but I did realize that I had more experience outdoors than my instructors did.

So, my tip is , .. if you are going to take a course or do a survival trip... make sure you ask or check to see if your teachers and Guides are experienced. Book knowledge and Wiki knowledge doesn't mean squat out in the real deal.

Nothing beats years and years of experience.

Any goon can claim to be a "survival expert".

It's another matter to those who have lived it, and have tried and tested themselves year after year.

Just be cautious. Don't spend a wad of money on frauds and inexperienced guides.

Prepare to be a wilderness survivor.

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So Called Survivalist Company's
by: Todd Owen ( Denver , Co )

I agree with all of you, here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado we have a ton of company's who claim to teach these things for a large fee. I have came across a few ppl who have attended some of these and i was shocked that many were not really show the real life basics, it seemed many had had an instructor who was trying to stroke his own ego by dazzling them w more advanced things.Personally i learned what I know through trial and error and 25 years of doing so. I feel that with the internet and the availability of so much knowledge that no one serious about Survival should be missing out. Just off this site alone I've picked up some nice tips as well as dropping many many many of my own.Find a great reviewed book, go out in your own back yard and TRY to do what you see in the book, learn from DOING, save your money from these schools and buy some good gear and talk with others in your area who enjoy the same aspect of the outdoors.... A good book on here is the one Erik promotes on the home page, great detail and full of information. Happy Survival to you all.

by: Peter.R

yea my main fear at the moment is that i'll pay $400 for a survival course and already know most of the topics. (not that i am an expert survivalist by any means)

Check Reviews Beforehand
by: Anonymous

i agree with you 100 % there are way too many people that watch a season of these so called SURVIVOR GUY SHOWS and they all of a sudden think they can teach anyone for a fee. I myself am not a huge tv guy but recnetly have grown fond of DUAL SURVIVOR, like the chemistry and the different approaches they both bring to the ART. I ask that if anyone is serious about taking on any course on something that one day your life or your family and friends life may depend on, to PLEASE investigate the people or company, read reviews, talk to others, see what you are really getting for your money and ............. your life.

Good Advice
by: Dustin

I also suggest that the course and manner of presentation are in line with your capabilities and desires.

A deprivation-based "man versus nature" school of hard knocks may be interesting and exciting, but if you're mostly sedentary and not in peak of health, or seeking more of an aboriginal approach to survival, it will likely be a bad fit.

Likewise, if you want to see how far you can push yourself and want an instructor there solely to keep you from becoming bugfood and provide a few pointers on technique, a "softer" school may not offer the level of challenge you seek.

Some courses are taught by the principle founders and have few classes and small class sizes in a given year, others have staff of instructors and have very large class sizes.

For instance, I recently attended Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School "Standard" class and the class size was about 70 people. The experience was excellent - there were 4 instructors and a host of volunteers to help with the skills and facilitation of the course. It was a "softer" course, but we were in a comfortable, learning environment. We would still need some dirt time to further our skills, but you're not going to get great at something by suffering to do it in abject circumstances for 3-4 days either, in my opinion.

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