Survival Tips From Alaska

by michael

In Alaska it is more dangerous to look for edible plants, then to hunt for animals, you can hunt for animals without moving to far or expending energy,ie mice or birds.

Also in Alaska noon isn't always the highest point of the sun,although close.

Also if you are planing a trip and give a report, it is unnecessary to leave a note in your car even if you had one.

Also in Alaska weather reports are extremely inaccurate and undependable, being able to read the weather like i do is better, thus knowing your terrain, by studying maps is more preferred here.

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surviving in Alaska
by: mike

Plants can be deadly in Alaska,if you do not know for sure i wouldnt risk it.Even some berries are poison.There are plenty of edible plants.A person going into the Alaska wildernes would do well to learn them.

by: shaykh idis

Noon is the highest point of the sun: not to be confused with clock time. The difference in minutes times four is the longitudinal diff. from the longitude of your time zone.

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