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Too much , too little equipment...
by: Todd Owen - Denver

Nice list of items you carry on you. I will have to say though , that's a lot of weight to carry on minimalist hikes. I hike several weeks and weekends per year here in the mountains of Colorado. I am known to park my car and hike deep into the back country for three or four days at a time covering around 15 to 20 miles each way. I have a first aid kit,plenty of food and snacks, a tent,a sleep bag and a tiny stove that i made from a mountain dew can. In total my gear and even the pack itself weighs only around 35 pounds. All to often ppl ( myself included some 20 years ago ) would buy all the cool gadgets, all the new tech gear, and all the neat creature comforts they could find. Not realizing 75 % of what they want to carry is already awaiting them on their hikes. Now hiking and camping in Georgia and doing the same here in Colorado are different, but the basic preparedness is still equal.Here I always carry warm gear for the night, even in late July the temps I the back country can deep down to the 40's.I doubt you would need as much of that as i do. Bottom line,carry what you really need, not what some tv show guy or some over zealous End of The World nut job says you need. Happy Survival my friend.... If ever up here in Colorado, look me up.

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