Tent Poles as Bow and Arrows

by Todd Owen
(Denver, Colorado - USA)

I camped a couple of weeks ago here in the beautiful Rocky Mts, Colorado. And I often take a pad and pen with me to jot down a couple of thoughts and ideas. I set up my tent and realized in the event I needed to hunt for food.

In a pinch one of my tent poles would be ideal for a bow. My tent poles are the type that is joined together with the elastic string that snaps in place to form one larger pole. I had an extra set and decided to snap the line on one. I used my knife and cut a small notch on both ends and used some of the fibers from inside my paracord bracelet to make a small 4 foot bow. I got one of the other spare poles and cut it down to about 3 feet and sharpened the tip for an arrow.

Ok now admittedly this is not gonna go 200 yards or be able to drop a hungry bear put, I was able to shoot the arrow about 60 to 70 yards. This would be more than enough for small came such as a rabbit or maybe even a nesting bird........ Happy Survival.....

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As a reply to your comment.
by: Todd Owen - Denver

@ Shaykh Idris, I've been into back country hiking and camping for many years, I've seen a lot of things happen to ppl along my travels. A few years back, I met a small party on a trail who's tent and camp site was visited by a curious bear and their tent was pretty much destroyed. Now had this have occurred in an area that was very far from civilization , they would have been without shelter already, not too mention the bear had ransacked their food supply i the process. So here they are with no food, no tent, yet they did still have a means to make use of what was left of their equipment. My above posting was only a reminder for ppl to not give up and actually utilize the items they had available.

Outside The Box
by: Todd Owen

I've seen, read and even watched ppl go out into the wilderness w very little gear and set and watch them as the bad turns to worse by not looking closely at what they do have w them , and not just for what its used for but for what it CAN be used for. Yes shelter is import and yes one should always take the needed steps to ensure one has adequate shelter, but there are several ways to make shelter from very little little resources , however finding ways to get food may not always be as abundant.... Thanks for the positive replies...... Happy Survival !!!!!

Very good suggestion...
by: Winyan Staz

As an avid camper I also keep a few spare replacement parts on hand and your suggestion is not only a good idea for an emergency hunting bow but is also helpful to encourage people to take the time to "think outside the box".
Thanks :)

by: Shaykh Idris

One might die of exposure before he dies of hunger: so I would not be so keen to impair my tent. Hain't you got no wood about to use instead of tent poles?

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