Tents and shelters

by Tim
(Louisville,KY&THE ROAD)

Emergency Prepardness # 2 TENTS/SHELTER

Emergency Prepardness # 2 TENTS/SHELTER

I have used a custom BAKER LEANTO that I had Panther Primitives make for me with a lot of enjoyment and success. It was scaled down to have an 8'9" length, a 1'6" rear wall, a 4' front with storm flaps and an awning. It was a treated canvas tent that was waterproof, mildew resistant and flame retardant. They still have my pattern if your interested. Just contact them and give them my name. I don't know the cost anymore.

I have used a Eureka tent that leaked too much so I sold it. I currently use a Slumberjack solo tent in mossy oak that is small but watertight and packs small. I recently purchased a jungle hammock but haven't had a chance to use it yet.

The large cabin style tents are great for long term but they can't handle a lot of cross winds. Even a short duration storm with strong gusty winds can fold them up. They just have to much of a high profile.

The dome tents do a lot better, but again the cheap ones can fail. Cabella's makes some nice family sized outfitter domes that would be my choice for emergency housing. They are large enough to stand up in and can house a four person family comfortably. They are pricey but can weather the storm and wind(they test them in ALASKA).

I think when it comes to tents you get what you pay for. Some may be cheaper at the time of purchase but will not hold up or last as long.

I currently camp in the back of my truck unless I am on the trail. I have a fiberglass topper on it with fold out side and back windows. The topper is lined from the factory with carpet. This allows me to velcro in curtains and screens as needed.

I can also just open the screened/sliding windows on the sides to regulate the temperature and condensation. I have an auto rechargeable fan I can use in the window and a battery powered touch light with timed shutoff as well as a dome light that runs off of the truck battery.

I put 2x6 boards across the bed and covered it with3/4" plywood on top of that I put a thick FUTON mattress. I have full size house pillows and two 40 degree bags zipped together. If it gets cold I just toss my mummy bags on top for added insulation. You can lay a polar fleece blanket over the bag opening as a draft collar. It can also be pulled up to prevent you from breathing the cold/damp air. The mattress is enough insulation and padding underneath me. I slept at 20 degrees and it was toasty in the topper.

With the 20x20 tarp from article #1 set up a person can back the rear of the truck under it for dry access to your "mobile home". And you can use your tailgate as a temporary table to cook on. With this bed set up I can store all of my gear and clothes in duffle bags under it as well as a cooler.


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