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KAbar usage
by: Anonymous

I have an italian made Fox 691 which is identical to a full sized Kabar. I have used it to cut,whittle,stab,chop and baton and while those tasks were completed they were not as easy as other knives in the same price range.

Be careful slinging absolutes...
by: Tarditi

Ka-Bar is a fighting knife - 7" is too long for many bushcrafting tasks that survival requires. It's too light for chopping, and the clip point chips pretty easily.

Ka-Bar has a narrow tang, and I found mine quite lacking in durability over the long-haul. rates it 2 out of 5 - for this price, Cold Steel has several offerings with more durable blades.

Serrated edges on a survival knife introduce a whole arena of debate. I don't care for them in general, since it requires an additional piece of equipment to sharpen them (ESEE Knives' serrations are ground, and can be sharpened on the backside of the serration with a whetstone, file, or even rock/concrete in a pinch)

There is no "perfect" survival knife, but at the price point of a Ka-Bar you have several good options. I would not consider $50 high-end: check out Busse, Fallkniven, ESEE, or the Tom Brown Tracker if you want to see expensive (but excellent!) utility survival knives (there are more expensive ones out there, but they approach "collection" knife status)

A Ka-Bar (if you get one, make SURE you guy the genuine article) is an OK knife - maybe even a "good" knife for someone with a small budget and wants something iconic, but it is a stretch to claim it as the ultimate survival knife.

I am speaking from my own experience, having owned one for several years (gave it away) - but there is a lot of evidence to back up my assertion on (it's a "how far can you go before total equipment failure" thing) and several knife and survival forums (,,,, etc.)

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