The handy dandy survival hiking stick

by James C. West
(Chatham County North Carolina)

When I was little my granddad made a walking stick for me, and I was hooked. This is what I have made for several years now, and even though I do sell them. I wanted to share this with everyone who loves the outdoors.

The stick can be of any type wood, but I like oak or hickory and for light weight poplar works well. Make sure it has been cut close to the ground as to have a large bulb, this is why. First make sure it is very dry and then use a drill with a good size bit to drill down into the top (I've always drilled about three to four inches down). This will give you a nice space to put a few things in like matches, bee wax, water purifying tablets, etc.

You can put a small cork in the top or what I use is a button type compass. Now if you take and lay it flat and the base is big enough you can also drill up into the side and have a space for fishing line, small hooks, weights and the small chemical lights (if you can find one with a knot on the side that works great for this).

Use small cork to act as a plug and I have even made them where they have a small LED flash light in the side. You can leave it as is or apply some sealer to the wood and wrap it with paracord.

The last thing you want to do is add a small copper cap to the foot of the stick and a small eye hook(so you can run your line through it).

Anything you can think of can be done with a walking stick or hiking stick. I've even made them to hold water by inserting a PVC pipe with a cap on one end.

The stick and a small back pack with other items such as a tarp or poncho, knife, some emergency items like a whistle, first aid kit, sling shot and any other items you whish to carry, and you have all you need to survive in the woods.

Thanks Granddad for teaching me these types of crafts.

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one addition
by: Anonymous

Rather than/in addition to the cap on the bottom; drill a 1/4" hole and place a carbide tip, "easy out" into it. It grips the rock and ensures that the pole will last. "Easy Out" = bolt extractor, it looks like a drill bit.

Thanks Todd
by: James C.West

I don't have a website (yet)and I was asked by Mr. Falk not to post my email. I plan to add some pics soon. I also will be posting another tip that can be added to any hicking stick.
Thanks to all for the kind words.

Never even thought about that one.
by: Todd Owen

Hiking all these years with my trusty hickory stick, it never dawned.on me to add anything actually in it. I have a small mag light that is secured to mine w heavy duty velco but that's it. Thinking about it now, I feel sorta dumb for not thinking of it sooner. Very nice tip my friend. Would love the link or email to see your actual products if you would please. thank you ....... Happy Survival

excellent advice..
by: Winyan Staz

Well written too. Thank you :)

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