The law of condensation

by Anatolii Mikhailovich

Basic idea behind this or similar method is a simple law of physics: condensation will happen if humid air ( even at a low percentage of humidity) is cooled down.

All you need is a colder surface when temperature of the air is going up, OR temperature of a surface going down when the air is trapped.


* Take a bottle made of thick glass outside (close lid), so that bright sunshine can reach it (or just leave it outside at dawn - least effective, or dig it out from a colder ground - most effective). Sun will make air in the bottle hotter faster than it warms up the glass itself - you'll get a few drops of water.

By the way, Israel uses pipes made of some slow heat conducting material and placed vertically near trees to help them get water condensation and grow in the climate when rain is really rare.

* A large ground hole, covered in plastic sheet with a stone on it placed just above the water bucket - as described in other people's posts. If you've got time to make it, you'll get more water than just from a bottle.

* Digg out a few stones - underground is usually cooler than air just above the ground. Place those colder stones in a plastic bottle with hotter air. It works, but gives only a few drops of condensation on the stones, and stones are dirty :(

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time for a walk
by: Keshawn Marques Bryant

Get a shirt or take one off and wrap it around your leg and walk around in grass in the morning when its dew in the grass and after a while the shirt should have soken up some of the dew and you squeeze the water in a small container or in your mouth.

by: Shaykh Idris

Another method,long term use,is to have a pile of pebbles on a rock, so that the condensate flows into a pond or bowl of some kind. This method has been in use for centuries, with some interesting stone towers fro that purpose.

More on Solar Stills
by: Winyan Staz

Thanks for a great post :) Another way is to tightly wrap the open end of a clear plastic bag over green leaves on a bush (dont hurt the plant)..and you can get a few drops from the leaves that way.
If your going to the trouble of a solar still...put a goodly amount of green leaves or plants in to line the bottom of the hole and then put your bucket in. You'll get a lot more water that way.

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