The SAS Essential Survival

by Erik

The SAS Essential Survival book includes many good drawings as well as photos. Meaningful illustrations are important to help you understand the text and it makes the book a lot easier to read.

The wilderness first aid section is described with a lot of details. For example, how to deal with fractures and to make your own medicines.Shelter construction and fire making are two basic survival skills and special the fire section contains interesting information. Do you know how to carry fire?

The chapter “Water” is in my opinion to short. More tips how to find water would be good. But on the other hand the chapter “Food” is maybe a little bit to long…. It’s the longest chapter and contains a lot of information. Wild edible plants, how to make traps and weapons and how to prepare the prey are some of the topics that are covered.

There are several ways one can navigate and define direction in a survival situation. Both with and without a map and compass. The basic knowledge you need to know is covered but also some additional topics. For example how to find direction by the star movement method. Different techniques how to attract attention are described and you will also get some basic information about work procedures of Search and Rescue teams.

Easily fit in your backpack
The SAS Essential Survival is specially designed to fit in your backpack or pocket and it’s a perfect addition to any survival kit. Dimensions are about: 8.3x3.9x 0.5 inches (21x10x1.2 cm).

About the Author
Barry Davies served with the SAS (British Special Air Service) for eighteen years. He is the author of a number of books, including The Complete Encyclopedia of the SAS.

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Designed to fit in a backpack
by: Alan

Agree, this is the best pocket book to pack in your backpack.

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