The SAS Survival Handbook

by Gill

One of the best wilderness survival books is the SAS Survival Handbook, by John Wiseman. For many years, it has been the standard reference for everyone that wants to learn wilderness survival skills.

John Wiseman is a former SAS survival instructor, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best available information. The British Special Air Service (SAS) is an elite military unit trained for operations in all parts of the world.

The SAS Survival Handbook covers almost everything from essentials on survival, to strategies for coping with any type of disaster. The survival techniques described in the handbook are simple, functional and clever. There are no photos but a lot of clear and easy to understand drawings.

You can among other things, find section with in-deep information about:

Finding and preparing food
What you need to keep going - edible plants, animals and insects - plus animal tracks and techniques for hunting, trapping, fishing and handling the kill.

Camp craft
Gives you knowledge on how to organize your camp, construct the appropriate shelter and create tools. You will find descriptions of many different types of shelters, from arctic to tropical conditions. Do you know different fire-lighting methods? Do you know how to build a good cooking fire? Yukon stove? If not, you will find all the information in the SAS Survival Handbook.

Direction finding
You will learn how to make maps and compasses, plus other ways of direction finding.

First aid priorities, natural medicine and treatment procedures for tropical and other diseases, cold climate hazards and dangerous or poisonous creatures. If no professional medical help is available, this can be lifesaving knowledge.

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by: Anonymous

very good have both copies read it 5 times and read sas urban survival urban is not as good

good book
by: wayne

a very good book with alot of good information.i have read it 3 times.

Cheap binding
by: Jill

Great content, but the quality of the binding is bad. The first time I tried to crack the binding a little, an entire section popped out.

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