Thrift Store Survival Kits

by Todd Owen

I am sure everyone has some type of Second hand Store or Thrift store in their area or even the local "Flea" market type place. My wife and fellow Back Country Hiker and I hit these places up often.

I figure why pay full price these days when tons of great items are so readily available and the proceeds at some of the these places actually helps someone out. We have a ARC thrift Store near our home we go to at least once a week. I have found some really great items there.

I got 2 Original Coleman stoves there two weeks ago for 10 bucks each, they only needed the knobs replaced on them. I have gotten also over the past 6 months, an original heavy duty old school metal Coleman cooler. Silverware for tossing in the back packs, camping cookware plates and even some tossed out military cook sets.

My priced item is a 1958 French cook set, its 3 pots that interlock into each other two of them have handles to use over the fire. The guy had no idea what it was and gave it to me for 3 bucks. I have gotten rope and cordage there as well.

Bottom line is this..... Camping and hiking or even just getting the family out for the weekend should not have to cost hundreds of dollars. There are bargains all around you that go to help some family who is less fortunate than you are, so next time your in need of some new gear why not head to Goodwill or your local thrift store and take a look around, you would be amazed at what you can find.

Start to prepare your trip before you head for the trails!

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Coleman's Hotline
by: Todd Owen

Thank You for adding the number , Nomad. one can never have enough numbers when it comes to getting parts and help.

Colemans 1-800 number
by: Nomad

I just wanted to add the Coleman Companies help line for anyone who needs it , their number is 1-800-835-3278. They can help you with the replacement parts.

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