Too much can become too much

by Todd Owen
(Denver, Colorado - USA)

I live here in the Rocky Mountains, two weeks ago we got hit with over 3 feet of snow in many places in the Denver area.I learned a long time ago to prepare and stay prepared for mother nature here in this state.

Two days after we got our big storm the temp outside got up to about 53 degrees. The snow started to melt fast, but by night fall the temps dropped below freezing creating even more issues for road and walk way travel. We all hear of people planning and packing gear for their cars, but aside from that gear don't forget that at some point you may need to leave your car alone and travel on foot to someone or some place near by.

I have a small Survival Kit in my car that has the basics, flash light ( head band style ), a couple bottles of water, Space blanket,extra batteries, battery cables, small tool kit that's is light weight, a roll of Gorilla Tape ( Like Duct Tape, but I find it holds much better when its cold or damp ) I also have a bike inner tube ( quick fix for a busted hose ) and some Zip Ties along w an extra jacket , a beanie and some snowboard gloves ( they are actually designed for harsh cold and weather, not some cheap Jersey Brand style glove that's like wearing a sock on your hand.

Also I have a couple of good old fashioned BIC lighters in the I have all this inside a good quality back pack, not tossed in some cheap plastic box that I have to dig through and find stuff. This way if I need to leave my vehicle for whatever reason, I have a way to bring it all with me in a pinch and there is no hassle trying to figure out how to get it all back when I return.

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Head Lamps
by: Todd Owen - Denver, Co

Hey all, as for my post above regarding the head lamps. I'm a building Engineer in Denver. I wear a head lamp on me all day long, I keep it around my neck and its always ready to go. I have the Energizer brand from Home Depot they cost about 18 bucks, they run off 3 AAA batteries, I use mine pretty heavy and average about three weeks between replacing them. These have three settings on them as well for brightness plus a Red light for maintaining a low profile while hiding from Zombies. Hope you all enjoy the post and Happy Survival to you all...

by: Stumpjumper

Regarding head band lights. Yes, a very good idea for all lighting needs. I have several, a cheap one in my household tool kit, and a good one for backpacking. My point is this: there is great variation among brands in burn time ranging from about a few hours to as much as 150 hours. So,look at the package, it usually states burn time. Seems the more you pay the greater the burn time.
For my good set (survival) I use lithium batteries. They will work in much colder weather and have a ten year shelf life.
Also, stay away from the ones that use button batteries, I prefer AA or AAA which are also more common and easier to replace.

Good ideas :)
by: Winyan Staz

I keep my bug-out bag in the back of my van. That way its with me when ever I go anywhere and..if something happens in my home like a fire..I can still have the basic survival things I will need to keep my family and friends safer and I dont have to stop on my way out of the house to find it either.

I think your idea of the headband style flashlight is a good one as it would keep hands free and I will have to go pick one up.

Keep up the good posts :)

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