Learn how to track animals

If you know how to track animals you can tell who has visited the location. Get knowledge about the habits of the animal and you will also understand why it visited that place.

A complete guide

animal tracks A magnificent tracking book full of useful information is the "Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species" by Mark Elbroch . An invaluable resource for the beginner and the expert on animal tracking.

Mammal Tracks and Sign was the recipient of a 2003 National Outdoor Book Award: Winner in the Nature Guidebooks competition. NOBA's comment to the award:

"Mammal Tracks and Sign is one of the most thorough and complete guides to animal tracking ever published. Going beyond where other books leave off, it combines text, drawings, maps and more than 1,000 color photos to unravel the mysteries of North American mammal tracks and signs. Mark Elbroch has poured himself into this book, writing the text, taking the photos and preparing the drawings. It's a monumental effort and an invaluable reference for anyone who enjoys tracking and viewing wildlife."

Well, it's a pretty good opinion of a book ....

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Limitless learning experience

The practice of tracking not only helps you as a hunter or trapper but also as nature lover. The practice of tracking bring you closer to the nature and wildlife around you. Animal tracks can tell us much more than just the identity of an animal. With some experience, you can determine how fast the animal was moving, whether it was browsing, being chased, or chasing another.

Teach yourself

Anyone can learn how to track animals. But tracking requires practice. In other words you must spend time looking at different tracks and learning their variations. You don't find tracks unless you go out and look for them.

Get this highly informative tracking book, and head for the woods!

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