Finding water for survival

Water for survival

Or, to be more exact we need to find clean water for survival. Share your tips how to find, collect or clean water. Your tip or advice can be of great value for someone in a wilderness situation.

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A good tool in finding water is your map. Almost any water source of any size will be marked on a topo map.

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Water-gathering tools 
Many survivors carry lightweight mylar 'space blankets' in their kits. These make excellent body heat retainers, shelters against weather, signaling panels …

The law of condensation 
Basic idea behind this or similar method is a simple law of physics: condensation will happen if humid air ( even at a low percentage of humidity) is cooled …

Water from plants 
Birch trees are an excellent source of safe water - tap the tree as you would for a maple and allow the water to collect. It is much purer and safer than …

Purify wild water 
Most chemicals sold to treat water will not reliably purify wild water (although they will make it safer). Except for chlorine dioxide (if used according …

Find water 
A good way to indicate a water source is to get on an elevated surface and and look for indentions in the earth or trees. The indention shows that there …

Locating and Processing contaminated water 
My most favorite way of getting fresh water is from underground... rarely I'll go for areas of stagnant water or snow at ground level. I scoop a good hole …

Personal water filtration 
One thing to always consider is how you are going to get drinking water. If you are stuck in the wilderness more than a day or 2, and develop diarrhea …

Water procurement and storage 
I am not going to cover any of the normal stuff that has been duplicated and well documented at other sources. Instead I will only cover what I use for …

Going without water 
Going without water in the wilderness can put you in serious trouble. You can survive without food for weeks but only 3-4 days without water. In hot weather, …

Quick clean water 
If you are in desperate need of water, or can't boil your water you can find a river. Rivers that flow slowly are usually filled with animal feces and …

Oral rehydration solution 
In brief, that we need to drink 2 to 4 L/day is really more of a wives tale, makes no adjustment for environment, a poor measure and leads some into a …

Solar still 
1. Dig a hole 2m x 2m x 1m. 2. Take an empty water bottle and cut the top off. 3. Make a small hole in the center for the bottle. 4. Cover the large …

Easy water filter 
I have found an easy way to filter surface water using some very simple things. First off, everywhere you look, there is always a plastic bottle lying …

Chlorine in water 
An army friend of mine said he used to carry a small eyedropper bottle full of straight chlorine bleach. He get his drinking water from a clear stream …

Aluminum foil to get safe water 
If you are out there in the wilderness and you find a stream of water (which is one of the first things that you should look for - very important) don't …

Distilling urine for survival 
I know many of you will turn your head at the thought of this, but I feel that if you are ever in dire need of help and are actually on the brink of DYING …

How to locate water 
Well, the easiest way to find water is to look for a large number of animals and vegetation. If animals or small vegetation is abundant, it should mean …

To quench your thirst 
Like many other comments have told you, pee really is safe to drink. It is 95 percent water! Although we may think of apple juice and grape juice, …

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