Water procurement and storage

by Tim
(Louisville,KY.&the road)

Emergency Preparedness #3 WATER

Emergency Preparedness #3 WATER

I am not going to cover any of the normal stuff that has been duplicated and well documented at other sources. Instead I will only cover what I use for water procurement and storage.

I have a PUR brand backpackers water purifier pump. It is compact and reasonably light in weight. It isn't much bigger than a 12 ounce can of soda. I also have containers in my kitchen kit and survival pack to boil water if the need arises.

In the past I used the hard plastic 5 gallon water jugs. If you have room they are great and most of them have a spigot on them. This makes it easy to rinse dishes, hands, cuts or whatever needs it. You simply set it up on the tailgate, a picknick table, rock ledge etc...

I now use the FOLD-A-CARRIER water jugs. They collapse almost flat, are a lot lighter in weight and they have spigots on them as well. They are not as rugged as the ones previously discussed and could be punctured a lot easier.

I carry the 1.5 gallon one in my survival pack and an additional 2.5 gallon one in the vehicle or canoe.

I also have two more 2.5 gallon ones that I use for adjustable ballast bags to be used in the front of a canoe. This makes paddling solo easier as it allows you to trim down the front of the canoe. If you need to portage you simply pour out the water and collapse the bags. When you get to the next floatable water you refill them and continue on your way. By using water it is faster and easier to tune your ballast and you don't waste any time looking for enough rocks or for ones of the correct weight.

The water purifier and the 1.5 gallon water jug both stay in my survival pack as well as a stainless steel mug.


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Emergency Preparedness #3 WATER

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by: Tiffany

It is very important to know how it is possible to store water while you are on a hiking expedition, as you may not be able to have water sources everywhere. And it is also important to learn how to use water in a limited quantity.

Clean Water
by: Anonymous

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If you want water that will be warm...
by: Wakien

may I suggest adding one of the new portable camping showers to your water supply.
The one I use is a black five gallon collapsable container that has the valve and the hose.
After sitting in the sun a few hours the water is very warm inside.
You can either haul it up a tree and take a nice warm shower or you can keep it close to your cooking area for washing dishes etc.
They come with a valve to turn them on and off and make it easy to add water to your cooking pots or to wash up with.

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