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Good wilderness survival books are an invaluable source of information if you are a camper, hiker or a wilderness adventurer.

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General Comment regarding Survival Books Post 
We are all on here in search of knowledge and a general understanding of how we can better deal with situations and hopefully pass our own knowledge down …

The Natural Navigator 
I really enjoyed to read "The Natural Navigator by Tristan Golley". Books with this subject are rare, not many on the market I know about. What is …

The Survival Handbook By Colin Towel 
Some time ago, I met a wonderful woman who shared a deep love for the real outdoors and getting really '' lost '' in the mountains of Colorado. I decided …

The art of keeping your ASS alive 
98.6 The art of keeping your ASS alive by Cody Lundin is probably one of the best and most entertaining survival books I have found. The author treats …

Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen 
This excellent survival manual is written by an author who has been fascinated and almost obsessed with the precolonial Native American way of life since …

Wilderness Survival by Gregory Davenport 
Authoritative information presented by a certified USAF Survival School instructor. Concise explanations and illustrations of the five critical survival …

The SAS Essential Survival 
The SAS Essential Survival book includes many good drawings as well as photos. Meaningful illustrations are important to help you understand the text and …

Essential Bushcraft 
Essential Bushcraft - A handbook of survival skills from around the world, is a well-written and inspirational wilderness survival book, by Ray Mears. …

The SAS Survival Handbook 
One of the best wilderness survival books is the SAS Survival Handbook, by John Wiseman. For many years, it has been the standard reference for everyone …

How To Think Like A Survivor by Tom Watson 
This book is a great book that helps to prepare you mentally when you encounter a survival situation. It gives tips and techniques on how to survive. It …

Deep Survival Laurence Gonzales 2005 
A summary from Robert Sapolsky describes how I viewed this book - just completed 11/28/2009 - "Great stories of disaster and survival where one wonders …

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