Wilderness Survival by Gregory Davenport

by Larry

Authoritative information presented by a certified USAF Survival School instructor. Concise explanations and illustrations of the five critical survival elements. Organized and indexed for easy reference. 15 b/w photos 100 drawings 5x8 .

Anyone who has hiked the wrong path into the woods can appreciate the importance of making the best of a bad situation. In this easy-to-use guide, USAF instructor Greg Davenport explains, in clearly written text and detailed diagrams, the most efficient ways to ensure personal safety in the wild. Creating shelter and heat, procuring food and water, and navigating unfamiliar territory are just a few of the survival basics Davenport examines as he describes the most efficient ways to maintain health and well-being in an unfamiliar environment.

Greg Davenport was an instructor at the USAF Survival School and has trained aircrew members, other survival instructors and international military personnel. He has been featured by 48 Hours and the BBC for his role as a survival instructor during the Gulf War.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it encompassed everything that you need to know in detail with easy to read instructions. The drawings were accurate and it's not too complicated to understand for a first timer like myself. I still do recommend though taking some sort of professional course on this before taking anything as the "right way" from a book just because you can see for yourself what works and use the book as a guide more or less.

Overall I would recommend this for a first timer or for someone that wants more out of what they already are doing. Gregory Davenport also has another book out called Wilderness Living and gets into a lot more specific details on choosing to live out in the wild.

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Wilderness Survival / Greg Davenport
by: Dave

I received my survival training by attending Greg's school Simply Survival in 1999. His instruction was excellent and I have based all my current survival knowledge on his teachings. I make it a hobby to watch all the survival programs on television and the web these days. I have found that none of it goes anywhere near what I received in person from Greg during my time with him. Greg made learning wilderness survival very enjoyable and challenging. I own all of his books and find them excellent resources to refresh and increase my knowledge of the wilderness survival field..

Excellent survival book
by: Pat

In my opinion, the author explains every step carefully and clearly. I also think the illustrations are easy to comprehend.

Great book for wilderness camping and hiking
by: Lisa

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to survive in the woods by themselves. There are things in this book that everybody could learn from.

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