The Wilderness Survival Quiz

Do you know what to do to survive? - The Wilderness Survival Quiz will help you to find out.

The quiz is a test of your knowledge to handle different situation in the wilderness. Even not a real "survivor" challenge the quiz can help you to check if you are on the right track... and hopefully you find it funny and instructive.

Start with the basic Quiz

There are two different parts. The Basic Quiz contains 15 fundamental questions about survival. The Advanced Quiz contains 30 further questions covering many different aspects of survival.

Simple answers not always possible

You can find all the answers on the website. If you disagree with some of the answers, please feel free to contact me. I have tried to keep the questions as simple and general as possible. Not always easy. :)

Ready to start?

Take a deep breath and let's start the:


Basic Wilderness Survival Quiz.

When you have "survived" the basic quiz you are ready to try the:


Advanced Wilderness Survival Quiz.

Do you want to become a wilderness survivor?

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survival training
A wilderness survival course will provide you with the practical experience necessary to handle many kinds of problems that could arise in the wilderness.

first aid
It's essential that you have some basic principles of wilderness first aid and know how to apply them, even under stress.

survival shelter
Building a survival shelter is an absolute priority if you face a survival situation in harsh or unpredictable weather.

Selecting appropriate gear is important to have a safe wilderness trip.

A "pocket survival kit" should be small enough to easily fit into a shirt or a coat pocket.

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